Our Regulars!!

We do have “regulars” at the Big D. Now, you may be thinking.. Of course you have regulars…. They must come in and spend a lot. However, I’m not referring to regular clients.. I mean.. Regular People.. People fighting their own Demons (either inwardly or awkwardly on the outside) who walk through the store, spend some time with us or in some cases have NEVER said a word to ANY of us but are there every day regardless. These are my favorite people. I hold a special place in my heart for EACH of them… There are 3 “regulars” who I worry about if I don’t see on a normal basis.

Regular number one.. “Claire. Claire is in her 80’s, dresses like she’s in her 60’s, is dripping in jewels from diamonds to sapphires to emeralds and rubies and yet douses herself everyday With my Chanel No 5 tester because she “can’t afford it” !! Every day she says.. “Hi Penelope!! I’m doing my morning walk! I’ll be by to use your No 5!! See you later!!” God love her. She’s sweet (albeit cheap) and very lonely since her husband died. She comes to the mall every single day to power walk and be among people.

Next is my absolute favorite. In my mind I call her “tennis ball”. She’s about 115 years old (if a day) and uses a walker … For the longest time she had these squeaky tennis balls on the bottom of her walker.. You could hear her on the other side of the mall. I always knew she was coming!! I don’t know her name because she has never spoken one word to me. She is a serious older woman, she wears FABULOUS bejeweled brooches and FABULOUS large pieces of costume jewelry that is season appropriate! (Id like to think my collection will be as vast as hers when I’m 115 too) Tennis ball never buys a thing. Doesn’t shop, doesn’t ask where anything is. Never requires help. She just wheels herself around the store. Determined to get out and about, get exercise and fresh air and be among her fellow humans. Well, one day she didn’t show up, one day turned into 2 days and then 7 days and then 20 days and finally on the 21st day, Tennis Ball shows up with a BRAND new walker, sans tennis balls. No squeaking, no announcement she’s on her way!! Just tennis ball!! Taking care of business and out and about. There’s something comforting about her being in the store.

My third favorite regular is S. S is a young lady, probably mid to late 20’s. S is a young woman who lays it all out there. She walks through the store and the mall talking to herself, talking to herself through her ipad, talking to herself on her phone. She argues with herself, her imaginary friends.. Her boyfriend .. Who knows?? But she’s completely 100% comfortable in her own skin. Nothing bothers her (at least that we see) and she continues talking and chattering away. And I’m always just a bit in awe of her. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone quite as comfortable in their own existence as she is. It’s refreshing. And who knows?? Maybe she is the SANE one who really IS talking to real people and WE are the INSANE ones who don’t see it!!?? Could be!! You never know. Bottom line is, she’s living her own life on her own terms and we should give her kudos. It’s about perspective…. From the lonely talkative Claire, to the elderly quiet tennis ball to the young woman who talks to herself… They are all out there.. Living.. Being true to themselves. And it just goes to show you, everyone is battling something in their life. Be kind. always.


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