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Quote of the day….

I survived a Sunday at the Big D (can’t say that about the mannequin I found this morning)! After work I drove to my hometown for a wake. I met my parents there and we went to dinner afterwards (please note… That’s a theme in my life.. Happy? Go eat! Sad? Go eat! Depressed? Go eat! Mourning a death? Go eat! You get the idea.. It’s a blessing of being Italian… )

At dinner, DWG .. Who was carrying.. But NOT drinking.. Said to me regarding my mannequin discovery from this morning.. “That reminds me of that movie.. Oh you know which one I’m thinking of .. You know the one where all the mannequins come to life in the store??! What’s the name of it?” To which I could only respond (calmly!!!!) “Mannequin?” 😂😂😂😹


My Kindergarten teacher

Earlier this week, my mother called to tell me that my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Stover, passed away at 74. To be honest, I thought she was 74 back when she taught me. But, far and away, Mrs Stover was my favorite teacher and she set the bar very high for every future teacher. She inspired my life long love of learning (I would still be in college now if I could afford it!!). She also inspired my addiction to reading, and helped mold me into the woman I am today. Mrs Stover taught respect, love of your neighbor, that differences should be celebrated ,and that every opportunity is a learning experience. All that for a 5 year old!! Lol!! Obviously, it wasn’t until years later when I looked back that I realized this. Her joy, her caring, her attitude, everything she did was for her students. Imagine my surprise when, on the day of my high school graduation, I received a card in the mail congratulating me on this accomplishment and wishing me luck at her alma mater. Are you kidding me??? How did she remember me?! A scared, quiet (ahem.. I know.. Hard to believe) little girl of 5?? And now, 13 years later… A card to wish me well. Remarkable. She even attended my high school graduation party. Little old me. Fast forward to my 20’s.. In college.. Working at a bookstore on vacations and (some) weekends.. Imagine my surprise when I look up to her walking in and she said.. “Penelope Marie.. How are you? Come and give me a hug and tell me all about you!” She never forgot. Anything. About any of us. Her love of teaching and for her students amazes me. She cared. Truly, deeply, cared. She was an amazing woman. A few years ago, she ran into my parents at Perkins and said.. “Hello!! How is Penelope?? What’s she up to?” She taught me 33 years ago. 33 years. She never forgot. Tonight at her wake, her sister told me that she suffered Alzheimer’s in the last three months. Horrible horrible Alzheimer’s. The cruel irony .. She, of a razor sharp memory, losing those precious memories. It makes me angry. With a wry smile she said to me.. “Don’t worry Penelope, even at her worst she always remembered her students.” Her daughter hugged me and said.. “I knew we were going to see a lot of her “kids” here… You know she loved you.”

Driving home (an hour in the rain) all I could think of was, “I hope that in some small small way I too can have that affect on people. I want to inspire, to teach, to make a lasting impression. I can only hope to have a fraction of her reach. I am merely a cosmetics manager. It’s just makeup, but if I learned just one thing from her it’s that everyone matters, and you can make a difference. One small act of kindness, one small word of encouragement is all it takes. Mrs. Stover will forever live in my heart. RIP


Mrs. George and her new associate 🏆 (aka… Patience is a virtue she doesn’t possess)

I’m probably the most impatient person in the world. I want what I want, WHEN I want it and HOW I want it. (I blame my parents and the Internet {instant gratification} for this). However, I think I’ve met my match with Mrs. George. She, queen of the questions, (interrogation) has NO patience for one who asks HER the questions..

Case in point.. Saturday I walk into the office and find Mrs George sitting at her desk, hands in her head, answering question after question after question from her new associate Sharon. Sharon is a mature woman, and has a lot of concerns. A LOT. (Ie…Mrs George… How long of a lunch do I get?! What if I need more time?? What if I need less time? Should I call you? When will I know when to take my lunch?? Can I go into the mall? On and on and on.. You get the point…) I can see the red splotches of rosacea start to form on Mrs G’s neck (again the only person to ever get full body rosacea) as she’s TRYING to remain patient and calm and answer all Sharon’s questions but I can feel that she is going to burst any moment. I sit back, stifle a giggle and wait for it.. Clenched fists, and eyes a rolling Mrs G answers all of her questions and said “okay, you should get out to the floor now!” (Dismissing as she always does). I look up and notice Sharon is standing in the doorway of our office looking to the right (which is the shoe floor) but instead of going right she goes left down our emergency exit hallway!! (Oops!) and as she is passing our doorway I hear Sharon say.. “Oh, I always do that!! WHY??” I couldn’t help but giggle but Mrs G went off!! “What the hell is wrong?? Why the hell did he hire her?? She’s atrocious! She asks a MILLION and one questions and I have no time for it! I have no time for her and her questions! I got shit I gotta do! And Penelope.. I’m telling you this.. I can see it in her eyes. She’s got a touch of (dementia)” ( whispered like I whisper cancer)! I said “Mrs G!! That’s not fair!! Are you House now?? How do you know?? ” and as she’s walking out the door she says to me “Penelope I know things” 🏆


Starbucks I and Starbucks II

I’ve been working at this mall for two years.. I visit Starbucks AT LEAST once a day (oftentimes TWICE a day) .. Today I go in for my usual.. And this is what she writes on my cup


I’m not Erica…

SECOND trip of the day.. I go back and guess what??


I think I’m Erica now. I didn’t have the heart to correct her.. Again..,



I knew it was gonna be a weird day when a client says.. “I’ve had a Sears charge for 35 years” as a preface to a compliment she wants to give me about a Dillard’s associate. 😂😂😹😹👍.


Cookie Baking and Jewelry

I have survived more than one DWG cookie boot camp so I’m a baking queen (it says so on my apron). Bailey requested cookies last week and I couldn’t resist!! I asked him what kind he wanted and he named 3 different cookies. Baking relaxes me. There is just something about baking.. Maybe it’s the tasks that appeal to my OCD side… Measuring ingredients perfectly. Adding the correct ingredient at just the right time. Making something yummy delicious from scratch with my own two hands. There’s a feeling of accomplishment, of pride.. I Made these cookies and they will bring joy to the person eating them! Maybe it’s the fact that I make them with love in my heart knowing they are going to be devoured with delight. Maybe it’s appealing to my Italian heritage since I love to feed. I feel comfortable in the kitchen baking. At home. Peaceful. There’s only one other place I feel that way. Perhaps that’s why I love baking.

After 8 hours of baking (I have a TON of cookies) I went to a jewelry party at Ms. Norbury’s house. It was fantastic AND I was able to learn a new Mrs George story!! Can’t WAIT to tell it!!