Unacceptable usage of the overhead paging system 🏆

Mrs G has a lot of “pet peeves”. (Well, for ANYONE ELSE they would be pet peeves but for Mrs G they are ENRAGING items that provide extreme fits of RAGE). Let’s examine today’s “incident” with the overhead paging system.

There’s NOTHING I love better than Mrs G in a TITHER.. Especially at closing time when she’s feeling overwhelmed and crabby and realizes that she’s spent 99% of her day fooling around gossiping and bitching in her office. And tonight was no different…
I see her feverishly running around her shoe floor picking up and sighing and complaining that she has so much to do and people are pigs .. Blah blah blah..

When Joey Fatone gets on the intercom system to make an announcement about the registers and he starts with his typical tone that makes him sound like he’s at Disneyland and asking you to keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times. It annoys me, yes, but apparently it’s not only ANNOYING to Mrs G, but it’s also UNACCEPTABLE, UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISGUSTING! (Apparently she didn’t have another UN word). As SOON as Joey started the announcement Mrs G stops what she’s doing .. Walks over to me, assumes the position and says.. “OH MY GOD PENELOPE! Listen to him!! This is UNACCEPTABLE… UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISGUSTING!! Why oh why does he have to play around with the overhead paging system.. It’s NOT a toy! DAMNIT! He annoys the shit out of me! Why does he announce things like that?? You can’t understand what he’s saying… He sounds like he’s on Charlie Brown and playing the teacher! God, does he get on my nerves!! I can’t stand him and his shit! JESUS!!!” 🏆🏆 and she stomps away.. Leaving me looking at 12 associates who’ve stopped what THEY were doing to listen to her earning a PhEmmy!!

Happy new Year!!


2 thoughts on “Unacceptable usage of the overhead paging system 🏆

  1. cat9984

    We had a woman who ended every sentence on an up note so it sounded like she was asking a question. Now there’s a woman who sounds so desperate every time she pages someone that it sounds life or death

    1. penelopevon Post author

      LOL!! Omg! That sounds like she works for Clinique. When i worked for Clinique i would DREAD conference calls wirh our Account Executive. She ended EVERY sentence that way too and i never knew if i was supposed to answer or not. Very annoying


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