Me Today!!! (AKA I have to EXPLAIN what a 2 weeks notice is)


I was the QUEEN of manners today!!! πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜‚ I was off today but had to go in and take care of some stock issues before inventory.. My plan (which was FOILED) was to sneak in to my office …Input all of my mark out of stocks and sneak back out. 2 hours, in and out, max… Yeah. Not so much.

So, I walk in and experience 4.3 seconds of complete and utter silence and alone time. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I’m fine on my own, my own company is perfectly fine with me and I think better in silence. Well, who should come Kramering into the office but Mrs G???!!! REALLY!?!!! REALLY??! And it begins….

She leads with her hand and sticks her hand right in my face and says.. “LOOK AT THIS!! LOOOK!! LOOK!!!” (My vision is so blurred from having an object thrust into my face I can’t tell what I’m looking at). She says.. “It’s a HIVE! It’s one HUGE hive! I’m so stressed out I can’t take it anymore. Really. I almost left earlier. I just wanted to leave. To just go. And get out of here and then text Mike that this is my 2 weeks notice. I’m done.”

Huh???! Does she KNOW what a 2 weeks notice IS?! That is NOT walking out of the job! Hmmmmm

As I’m opening my mouth to find out what event precipitated her (almost) premeditated job abandonment, she says “WHATEVER! I’ve got to go! I can’t do this” and she walks right out the door. Mrs Georging me all in one breath.

Mrs G: 6095
Me: 5

It’s been a long year.


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