Just a typical Friday Night at the Big D

I worked this past Friday night and just when I thought I was facing a calm night, the universe had other plans for me:

6:15 pm: outside call. I answer this outside call and find a woman SCREAMING at me because she’s been trying to call the west side location for an HOUR and they haven’t picked up the phone. Our conversation went something like this:

Irate Lady (IL): I have been calling your west side store for over an hour and no one is answering the phone! What the fuck is going on over THERE?? Seriously??? Do they NOT have ANYONE WORKING???? What the fuck??

Moi: ma’am I’m so sorry you haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone. Perhaps their phone system is down. However, the good news is that you’ve got me now and I can help you.
(I’m THINKING and WANTING to say; let me consult my crystal ball and let you know what’s happening over there!!)

IL: well, this IS BULLSHIT!! BULLSHIT!! I’m JUST looking for Escada perfume!

Moi: I’m sorry ma’am we don’t carry that fragrance but we DO carry fragrances similar to that.

IL: well, why the FUCK don’t you??

Moi: ma’am that one was discontinued 4 years ago. Perhaps you can buy online or you can come in and we will show you what we have that’s similar!

IL: FUCK THAT!! NO! Why did Nordstrom tell me that YOU carried it?? fuck this..

Click. She HUNG UP!!

I wonder if Mrs G has a sister???!!


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