Customer Complaints and Inappropriate touching

We had a “surprise!!” Visit from our District manager today!! Let’s refer to her as Y. Y shows up.. Completely surprising me.. One day early!!! During a moment of levity she says to me “I’m sick of dealing with these whacky customer complaints!!! It’s not even a full moon!” I smiled and said.. “Welcome to the club sister!!!” (I just called her sister!!!! OMG!!) and she said to me: “Penelope!! Let me tell you about this woman I dealt with late last week! You see, she called me because she went to the lingerie department for a bra fit and she was touched “inappropriately”. You see, when she went into the fitting room, after asking to be fit, the lingerie associate touched her breast. Inappropriately. Penelope she even said to me: “I didn’t ask to be fit!!! I asked to be measured!! And she FELT ME UP!!!” Penelope, it turns out the associate is a 70 year old grandmother of 9 who has been with us for 40 years. An employee of 40 years. Touching her inappropriately!! Is this CUSTOMER INSANE??!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!” I suggested she blog about it. She said “that’s a GREAT idea!!!” 😹😹😂😂😂

Welcome to my world Y!!!


1 thought on “Customer Complaints and Inappropriate touching

  1. cat9984

    You would think the woman might have realized that there’s a chance her breast will be touched if she’s asking for assistance regarding a bra.


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