New hires, mental math and more signs for Mrs G..

I’ve hired a few new people … Mostly recruited from Saks… and I’m not ashamed to say I’m competitive. I like to win. I can offer better pay, better working environment and stability. Plus, I wanna take market share from Saks, and this is the way to do it!!! ;). I’m
A little nervous though every time I introduce a new person to Mrs G and to be honest I feel
Like this SHOULD be the sign on our office door:


I have to keep them protected from her crazy.

Tonight at work I receive a call from a junior’s associate because she would like permission to discount a dress for a customer due to a damaged button. I said yes, give her a 10% discount. Silence. Hello??? A small voice says.. “How do I figure out how much 10% is”.
Is this the new math???



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