A Tale Of Two Kidneys

Who KNEW it was this difficult to coordinate a kidney transplant??

So, bottom line is my uncle needs a kidney. I have two!!! Even though I was an ENGLISH major, I’m still liking those odds!!! THAT math works for me!! But, what DOESN’T work for me is the process!! The kidney coordinating process has not been easy!!!

First, he had one full day of testing, followed by 6 FULL, excruciating, anxiety ridden weeks waiting for word from the “board” if he was “accepted” as a receipt. (It’s like an exclusive club… Or college or something… I mean I was accepted into college with less wait and angst attached). We got the call WEDNESDAY night that yes, he’s been deemed a candidate!!! This means he goes on the list and anyone wishing to donate THEIR kidney to him calls a number to schedule testing. THURSDAY morning, I called the number. I spoke with a pleasant enough person who took my name, social, age, height and weight. (I asked if she wanted my drivers license weight or my real weight.. Turns out she wanted my real weight). She promptly told me a nurse would call
Me back. I waited. Phone in my hand. Walking on eggshells. 5 hours later, at 2pm, nothing. I couldn’t handle it. I called back. I was told that I should expect a call within 3 business days for my medical history and to schedule my blood and tissue test. But, that since I was already on the line she would take my medical history now. Thank GOD! Does NO ONE have a sense of urgency about this??? Leave it to an Italian nudge to move things along. I answered a litany of questions from.. Have you been exposed to hepatitis to have you been incarcerated in the last ten years?? (What about the 10 years before that???). I answered all questions and was told I could go for my blood and tissue test on Monday!!! Yay!!! MONDAY!! BUT, after that it takes 4 WEEKS to get the results!!!!! 4 WEEKS!! I watch NCIS!!! They get results in 45 minutes!!!! They’ve lied to me!!!! !!! 😹😂

So, step one: in the works. Once those results come back… I have two FULL days of back to back tests!!! (These tests determine my health as a donor) then, after that, surgery. Hopefully, before the end of the year 😁.

All kidding aside, the kidney donor nurses have been AMAZING and they’ve done a great job educating and helping me understand the process.

Here goes…. Fingers crossed I’m a match!!

I’m going to request a tummy tuck and a breast lift while surgery is happening!!! .. Who would KNOW?? I’m UNDER anyway…




2 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Kidneys

    1. penelopevon Post author

      Thank you so much!!! That’s so sweet of you! I don’t even know if I’ll be a match or not, but I have to find out!!! I’ll keep you updated on the outcome! 😉


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